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In 2017 the City of Chicago created a Legal Protection Fund to help people secure legal status and defend themselves and their families against deportation and separation. The National Immigrant Justice Center is proud to partner with The Resurrection Project and Community Navigator organizations across the city to ensure all Chicagoans, regardless of immigration status, can understand and defend their rights.

As of August 2021, NIJC has represented over 3,364 cases under the Fund since 2017, and has conducted over 7,100 legal screenings.

Read more about the impact and reach of the Fund in our annual reports:

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Legal Protection Fund Services

Through the Chicago Legal Protection Fund, NIJC offers free legal consultations and immigration representation for eligible immigrants and families residing within Chicago city limits.

Asylum paperwork

Asylum Seekers

Legal representation for asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their homelands.

McAllen Women's Detention Center

Detained Immigrants

Legal representation for immigrant adults who lived in Chicago prior to their detention.

DREAMERS are here to stay

DACA and Dreamers

Support for Chicagoans applying to renew DACA protection or seek other forms of immigration relief.

Oath ceremony

Applicants For Citizenship, Permanent Residence, And Visas

NIJC's Immigrant Legal Defense project offers a wide range of legal services to low-income immigrants seeking to apply for lawful permanent residence (green cards), citizenship, visas, and other legal protection from deportation.