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Samer, Ella and Gabriela are three of NIJC's clients, representing over a decade of legal advocacy. Each is at different points on their immigration journey, but they all came together last month to discuss their communities, their dreams, and more with the president and founder of FuturoMedia, Maria Hinojosa. 

These videos were created for NIJC's all-digital 22nd Human Rights Awards in June 2021, and created by PRIME

First, meet Ella, a recent asylee from Kyrgyzstan who has found a new life and identity for themselves since they got safety in the United States. You can read more of Ella's story here

Next, meet Gabriela, who came to the United States with her family as a child seeking an escape from persecution. She graduated as a Respiratory Therapist in the middle of the pandemic, and has spent the last year caring for her community. 

Finally, Samer was NIJC's client many years ago, and since receiving his work permit, he put himself through college, got a full-ride scholarship to an Ivy League university, and now works at a nonprofit where he elevates people's voices. You can read more about Samer here

Finally, here are the three of them talking to journalist and author Maria Hinojosa about their lives since their work with NIJC, their communities, and their dreams for the future.