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NIJC's Immigration Court Helpdesk Hotline provides FREE legal information to unrepresented individuals at the Chicago Immigration Court.

At the help desk hotline, NIJC attorneys provide the following information on the following topics and more:

  • Overview of the immigration court hearing process
  • Forms of relief available to for individuals fighting their cases in court
  • Referrals to obtain legal representation*
  • How to change your address or change the location of your court hearing

You can call the hotline at: (312) 660-1328.

Please note that this is an informational line only.  For a general consultation regarding immigration options, please call 312-660-1370 or email NIJC will only respond to emails requesting an appointment for a legal consultation.

*The NIJC Immigration Court Helpdesk Hotline does not provide legal advice or representation. Individuals interested in obtaining legal services from NIJC should visit the Services section of our website. NIJC's Guide for Non-Detained Immigrants and Know Your Rights materials also provide basic information about the immigration court system for individuals who are unrepresented.

Who We Can Help

Immigration Court Helpdesk Hotline services are available to any unrepresented individual scheduled for a hearing at the Chicago Immigration Court.