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The Trump administration is planning to break another grim record in its attack on those fleeing persecution—this time, by setting the lowest limit of refugee admissions ever (15,000 only) for fiscal year 2021. NIJC stands in solidarity with refugees worldwide, as the Trump administration looks to set a new historic-low for refugee admissions. 

Executive Director Mary Meg McCarthy made the following statement in response: 

“Forty years ago, Congress committed to protect refugees and asylum seekers with the Refugee Act. A proper celebration of this landmark legislation would be to welcome refugees and provide them with the safety they deserve. Instead, the Trump administration is proposing to set the lowest number ever for refugee admissions. Abdicating responsibility, the administration calls for the "voluntary return" of refugees and echoes interventionist policies that contribute to the refugee crises we see today. In doing so, this administration has once again turned its back on refugees around the world, who are fleeing for their lives at record number. Its lip service to the humanitarian crisis we face was not only callous; it was shameless. 

The Trump administration also weaponized the backlog of asylum claims in the U.S., ignoring its own role in railroading immigration courts and erecting every possible barrier for asylum seekers. Although there is no cap on asylum claims, the executive branch is responsible for setting numbers for refugee admissions. Once again, the administration is scapegoating asylum seekers to shoulder off its lawful duty to refugees around the world. NIJC condemns this blatant violation of our obligations to protect refugees.”