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NIJC has a new Chicago address at 111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604 and a new email domain at

NIJC Executive Director Mary Meg McCarthy made two important appearances on Anderson Copper 360 this summer. Since the very beginning of this administration's cruel "zero-tolerance" policy, NIJC was representing parents separated from their children. 

When Olga and Marbel came to the United States with their children they never expected to become one of the over 2,000 parents separated from their children. CNN interviewed these parents and Mary Meg McCarthy in order to better understand their experience. 

"I'm not sure why they did that. They never let me say good bye. They didn't tell me anything."


After the Department of Homeland Security missed its first court-ordered deadline to reunite families, Mary Meg McCarthy went on the show to speak directly with Anderson Cooper and help viewers understand what was really happening.