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December 2019

As of January 1, 2020, recreational use of cannabis will be legal in the state of Illinois, yet it is still illegal at the federal level, for that reason it has a different impact on people who are not US citizens and can impact their immigration status.

Persons who admit to using, who benefit financially, selling, manufacturing or investing in the industry can be denied entry to the U.S., denied applications for naturalization or permanent residency (green card), subjected to mandatory detention and in some cases can be deported.

DON'T carry with you or travel with marijuana or a medical card to use marijuana.
DON'T admit to an immigration officer or consular official that you have ever possessed or used cannabis or marijuana - without first consulting with a trusted immigration attorney.

If you need medical marijuana consult with a trusted immigration lawyer before using or purchasing.

If you have used or worked in the marijuana industry, consult with a trusted lawyer before traveling outside the country as you can be denied entry!

If you have ever been arrested, charged or convicted of ANY cannabis related offense, obtain 3-4 copies of all of your court records, including certified

Consult with a trusted immigration lawyer if you are not a U.S citizen and want to understand your rights and options.

Download this Know Your Rights information in a PDF.

Learn more about the consequences for noncitizens of using or benefiting financially from selling, manufacturing, or investing in the marijuana industry.