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NIJC has a new Chicago address at 111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604 and a new email domain at

Instructions: If you need to check-in with ICE in Chicago, you can use this draft to do so by email. Where there are spaces in yellow, put your information instead of the Spanish words. Please keep your proof of shipment and any confirmation you receive. Be sure to check your email in the future for instructions from ICE if you email them.

Do not use this template if your check-in with ICE is in a city other than Chicago.




Subject: ICE Check-In for [YOUR NAME], [YOUR "A" NUMBER]


Dear ICE Officer:

I am sending this email to complete my ICE check-in requirement.

My name is [YOUR FULL NAME].

My “A” number is [YOUR "A" NUMBER].

My family members who live with me and are also completing ICE check-ins are [NAMES AND "A" NUMBERS OF THE MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY WHO LIVE WITH YOU AND ARE IN PROCESS WITH ICE].

My current address is [YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS].

My phone number is [YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER].

Thank you for registering my ICE check-in.  I will await further guidance from ICE about any future ICE check-ins I may be required to attend.