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NIJC has a new Chicago address at 111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604 and a new email domain at

In the face of multiple global humanitarian challenges, people face life and death situations and make the courageous choice to leave their homes to seek safety and new lives for themselves and their loved ones. People who arrive at our border and those who have lived in our communities for decades alike confront a complicated immigration system that is stacked against them. The right to asylum is under attack, families continue to be separated by detention and deportation, and the need for legal services is greater than ever.

Image of the cover of NIJC's 2023 Impact report. On a green background, the NIJC logo is in the top left and below it is the report title "Impact Report July 2022-June 2023." The dominant image is a cutout of NIJC client robert wearing a gray jacket and flat cap. To the left are three images of snapshots of other NIJC clients.As we enter our 40th year, the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), together with our dedicated partners and supporters, remains resolute in our work to defend the rights of individuals and families and help them achieve safety and security. Through our impact litigation, advocacy, and strategic communications, we are at the vanguard of the fight for justice.

We are excited to release NIJC's new impact report highlighting of our work and victories last year that demonstrate how we rose to each challenge we've faced.

NIJC provided legal services and information to more than 12,000 people, responded to the needs of a record number of new arrivals in Chicago, achieved a 97 percent success rate in securing legal relief, and won court decisions and changes in policies that advance justice and human rights.

We know that the path to an immigration system that upholds justice and human rights is long and winding, and we are unwavering in the face of challenges old and new.
Read our full impact report with victories from our litigation, advocacy, and legal work, and stories of the people we serve.

Mayon Yen is NIJC's director of development.