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Cover image of a June 2023 policy brief on ICE's young adult case management program.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched the Young Adult Case Management Program (YACMP) in January 2023 to target and monitor 18- and19-year-old youth who the agency deems “low flight risk” and “non-dangerous.”  ICE characterizes this program as an “Alternative to Detention,” but the program’s design makes clear that it will not decrease reliance on detention and instead increase the number of young people under government monitoring. Rather than work collaboratively with youth to match them with support services based on their individual needs, ICE unilaterally and arbitrarily enrolls youth in YACMP if they are facing immigration court proceedings and are not detained, irrespective of their specific needs.

This policy brief, produced by the Women’s Refugee Commission, National Immigrant Justice Center, and Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, examines: 1) who are the youth impacted by this new ICE program; 2) what this program entails and how it compares with traditional case management programs; and 3) what we know about the corporation ICE has contracted to run this program. It has recommendations for effective case management for impacted youth.