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Statement from NIJC Executive Director Mary Meg McCarthy

The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) stands in solidarity with communities of color who for generations have sought to have their voices heard in the face of racism and injustice.

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor last week by police, and the racially motivated murder of Ahmaud Arbery that came to light only weeks before, have reawakened communities across the country to the urgency of opposing the systemic racism and white nationalism that are pervasive in our country. At NIJC, we believe that Black lives matter and that to achieve peace, we must uphold justice for all of our communities.

As we support those across the country who are protesting violations of human rights at the hands of police and other government actors, we also condemn the Trump administration’s use of the Department of Homeland Security, including Customs and Border Protection officers and equipment, to surveil protests and militarize cities around the country in recent days. The struggle for immigrant rights and the fight against police brutality are connected. Black communities for generations have disproportionately borne the brunt of police militarization and brutality that often is also deployed to detain and deport immigrants. NIJC is committed to being a partner in the fight for a more just world, where families and communities are no longer torn apart by incarceration, state violence, or deportation.