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U.S. Marshal Service

Per diem (2009): $82.00

Contract expiration: In effect indefinitely

Governing detention standards: "The Local Government shall accept and provide for the secure custody, safekeeping, housing, subsistence and care of federal detainees in accordance with all state and local laws, standards, regulations, policies and court orders applicable to the operation of the facility. Detainees shall also be housed in a manner that is consistent with federal law and the Federal Performance-Based Detention Standards." The contract also designates standards for medical services: "Medical care for federal detainees shall be provided by the Local Government in accordance with the provisions of USMS, Publication loo-Prisoner Health Care Standards and in compliance with USMS Inspection Guidelines, Form USM-218 Detention Facility Investigative Report. The Local Government is responsible for all associated medical recordkeeping." A Special Notification contains Prisoner Rape Elimination Act provisions: "The facility is requested to post the Prisoner Rape Elimination Act brochure/bulletin in each housing unit of the facility. All detainees have a right to be safe and free from sexual harassment and sexual assaults."

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