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In response to an NIJC Freedom of Information Act, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released the following summary of the responses it received to an October 2017 Request for Information to expand the immigration detention system. The RFI sought to identify new detention sites to hold up to 3,000 people each day within 180 miles of Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, and Salt Lake City.

NIJC and 14 legal service providers and immigrant rights advocates were among the RFI respondents, which sent a letter alerting the agency that adding any additional jails to the already massive immigration detention system would severely undermine due process and civil rights for thousands of detained immigrants. The following summary includes that letter, along with 16 responses from private prison companies and local governments seeking to contract with ICE to build or expand immigration jails.

Read NIJC's FOIA request (PDF)

FOIA Response Received May 2018

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