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Intergovernmental Service Agreement

Per diem: $64.47

Contract expiration: In effect indefinitely

Governing detention standards: "The PROVIDER is required to house ICE detainees, to perform in accordance with the most current editions of ICE Detention Requirements. Amrican Correctional Association (ACA) Standards for Adult Local Detention Facilities (ALDF), and Standards Supplement, Standards for Health Services in Jails, latest edition, National Commission on Correctional Health Care Some ACA standards are augmented by ICE policy and/or procedure."

Inspection reports: Read analysis of Eloy's 2007-2012 inspection reports

2011 death review: Read the ICE death investigation report for Pablo Gracida-Conte and analysis in the February 2016 report Fatal Neglect: How ICE Ignores Deaths in Detention

Immigration Detention Index