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Updated June 2019




Download manual as PDFNIJC’s asylum manual provides an overview of the U.S. asylum process and provides basic guidelines for attorneys representing asylum seekers. The manual’s appendices, listed below, include useful forms and further resources. None of these materials should be considered legal advice and individuals are strongly encouraged to seek counsel from qualified immigration attorneys or Board of Immigration Appeals-accredited representatives before submitting an application for asylum.

Download the NIJC Asylum Manual as a PDF

Appendix of Sample Forms and Documents

Sample Forms and Letters

A.  Asylum Application

B.  Notices of Appearances as Attorney

C.  Request to Review Record of Proceedings or Hearing Tape

D.  Fingerprint Information

E.  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request  (

F.  Application for Employment Authorization  (  

G.  Change of Address Forms

H.  Notice of Appeal to the BIA (E-26)

I.  Sample Notice to Appear

J.  Sample Certificates of Translation for Foreign Affidavits and Documents

K.  Sample Certificate of Service

Resources for Case Preparation

L.  EOIR's Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum 13-02: The Asylum Clock

M. How to Find and Work with an Interpreter

N. Frequently Asked Questions:

O. Guidelines for Working with Immigrant Children

P.  Guidelines for Facilitating Pro Bono Legal Services

Q.  Memoranda and Guidance for Representing Child Asylum Applicants

R.  Mental and Medical Health Care for Asylum Clients

Sample Documents:

The following templates and sample documents are available online on NIJC’s website for registered users:

  • Sample Legal Memo/Cover Letter for the Asylum Office
  • Sample Pre-hearing Briefing for Court
  • Sample Index of Exhibits
  • Sample Client Affidavits
  • Sample Country Expert and Medical Expert Affidavits
  • Sample Letter Requesting Adjustment of the Client’s Asylum Clock
  • Sample Motion to Accept the I-589 as Filed on the "Lodged" Date
  • Sample Motion to Advance the Hearing
  • Sample Motion to Allow Telephonic Testimony
  • Sample Notice of Amendments to I-589