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After years of NIJC and other advocates exposing the inhumane and excessive use of solitary confinement in immigration detention, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced a new policy intended to limit the use of the practice.

Los Angeles Times (Editorial): Cruel and inhuman conditions for immigrants (9/18/2013)

Yahoo! News: Immigration officials to limit solitary confinement after human rights outcry (9/5/2013)

NBC Latino: New ICE directive limiting solitary confinement a good step, but issue is compliance, say rights groups (9/6/2013)

Inter Press Service: U.S. Immigration Officials Tighten Rules for Solitary Confinement (9/5/2013)

Agencia EFE / elEconomistaAmérica: Aplauden la nueva directiva de ICE sobre el confinamiento solitario (9/5/2013)