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President Trump’s executive orders and proposed policies are xenophobic, rely on false premises about immigrants and refugees in our communities, and dangerously undermine civil and human rights protections in place in our nation's immigration system. This page compiles NIJC’s analysis of the executive orders and Department of Homeland Security implementation memos, Know Your Rights resources for community members, and information for attorneys representing immigrant clients.


Annotated Interior Enforcement Executive Order (1/25/2017)

Annotated Border Enforcement Executive Order (1/25/2017)

Congressional briefing: The real-life consequences of president's interior enforcement policies (2/28/2017)

Annotated White House Immigration Principles & Policies (10/9/2017)

Know Your Rights

Webinar: Know Your Rights Amid Harsher Immigration Enforcement (3/15/2017)

Seminario Web: Conozca y Ejerza Sus Derechos (3/15/2017)

Community Alert on March 6 Refugee & Muslim Ban

Preparing for ICE Raids and Other Immigration Enforcement Actions (including guardianship considerations in Illinois and Indiana)

What do the President’s Immigration Executive Orders Mean for Communities?

FAQs for Attorneys

What Should I Tell My NIJC Pro Bono Client About the Immigration Executive Orders?