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Help immigrants and asylum seekers arriving in our communities!

NIJC client Gretta Soto Moreno, a transgender woman and asylum seeker, suffered abuse and trauma at the hands of officers while she was being held in immigration detention. Fortunately, Gretta was released on bond in 2016 due to the federal court ruling Jennings v. Rodriguez, which says that people in immigration detention deserve a chance at being released. Since her release, her life has improved dramatically. Gretta's experience is common in immigration detention centers, where many trans, gay, and female detainees are vulnerable to violence.

In this story, Public Radio International interviews Gretta, ACLU lawyers, and NIJC lawyer Keren Zwick, who represented Gretta, to talk about the importance of allowing detained immigrants to be released on bond. Read the full story

a drawing of Gretta Soto Moreno experiencing police brutality