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Ms. Pronsivakulchai, a citizen of Thailand, applied for asylum based on her fear that the Thai gangs she informed on while helping in a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency investigation would harm her and possibly kill her if she is deported to Thailand, she applied for asylum protection in the United States.
The immigration judge denied Ms. Pronsivakulchai's original asylum claim, but the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that she had not received a fair hearing. The Seventh Circuit found that Ms. Pronsivakulchai was denied due process because the immigration judge refused to allow her to rebut allegations of criminal activity. In addition, the Seventh Circuit noted the ironic twist in the case, stating that “it was only after [Pronsivakulchai] agreed to write letters to known drug dealers and gang members to help the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency that she developed a fear for her life if returned to Thailand.”  The Seventh Circuit granted her another asylum hearing.
Read the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals opinion, 461 F.3d 903 (7th Cir.2006).

Read the NIJC opening brief and reply brief.