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The Seventh Circuit found the use of a juvenile’s airport interview acceptable, and discussed his arrest warrant and persecution by a minority group in his home country.

Mr. Chatta is a Pakistani Sunni Deoband who feared persecution from Shi'a Muslims who were the majority population in his village, and controlled the institutions of power. The 7th Circuit upheld an adverse credibility finding against him, in part based on his airport interview (age 16 at the time). It found that it was reasonable to believe that the arrest warrant for Mr. Chatta was valid, though he argued that it was issued based on undue influence of another religious sect.  Finally, the Seventh Circuit determined that he could relocate within Pakistan, since Sunnis are the majority religious group. Judge Cudahy, concurring, agreed that he could relocate to another village, but didn't agree with discussion of religion in the village.

Mr. Chatta was represented by Eric Ha, of Sidley Austin, LLP, and Chuck Roth of the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Read the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals opinion, 523 F.3d 748 (7th Cir. 2008).

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