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NIJC's volunteer interpretation program is called the Language of Human Rights. Through this program you can volunteer your language skills to our organization.

NIJC represents detained individuals, asylum seekers, immigrants who have family members in the United States who can apply for immigration relief for them, victims of domestic violence and of certain violent crimes, among many others. The population we serve is very diverse and comes from a wide range countries in the world, most of them are not fluent in English.

Having a good interpreter can make or break a case. We have seen many clients who had their cases jeopardized due to poor interpretation and also clients who were able to present a much stronger case because they had a good interpreter on their side. Therefore, your services can help changing the lives of many people if you choose to volunteer with us!

When you become a volunteer interpreter with NIJC you can be available for both translations and interpretation. Our need for interpreters of specific languages varies accordingly to which clients we have coming in and also to what point of a case we are at. At times we might not have a need for your interpretation services, but, on the other hand, that might be times that we will need you for more intensive case preparation.

Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Bilingual (oral and written fluency in another language);
  • Commit to at least 3 months of service;
  • Reside in the Chicagoland area;
  • Flexibility, patience, and the ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • Prior experience working with immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and/or victims of crime is helpful, but not required.

Corps Member Responsibilities:

  • Review training materials provided by NIJC
  • Serve as an on-call translator for pro bono cases in Chicago – Pro bono attorneys will contact you directly, at their discretion, based on language abilities and availability listed in your volunteer profile
  • Fully interpret in-person and telephonic interviews
  • Translate affidavits and other written documents
  • Maintain a professional demeanor when working with clients who have experienced trauma

NIJC’s Volunteer Interpreter Project gives volunteers the opportunity to exercise their language skills while serving a client and learning about the complexities of immigration law. Volunteers will work directly with attorneys from the nation’s leading law firms to secure legal protections for vulnerable populations.

Click here to sign up to be a volunteer interpreter.