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NIJC Ambassadors serve as important allies to immigrants in our communities by helping to raise awareness of immigrants’ rights and challenges, create safe spaces for conversation, and encourage the exchange of accurate, quality information.

Community members who want to be ambassadors for immigrant rights can use this toolkit for tips on how to:

  • Learn
    • Find the answers to common questions about immigration and read about the diverse experiences of immigrants in the United States
    • Visit resources listed in this toolkit to delve deeper into immigrant rights issues
  • Gather
    • Organize an event or gathering to engage your professional and community networks in conversations about immigrant rights
    • Host a fundraising event to raise financial support for NIJC
  • Educate
    • Speak out at community events where your voice can help support immigrants
    • Call or write your elected officials and ask them to support policies that help immigrants establish stable and secure lives in the United States
    • Share NIJC messages and resources online and in person

View the ambassador toolkit (PDF)