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NIJC would like to remind NIJC pro bono attorneys that when listing a client's address on an immigration application/petition submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, NIJC encourages pro bono attorneys to use a safe mailing address for the client's address, rather than the firm's address.  In cases involving domestic violence and victims of crimes, there may be safety concerns in using the applicant’s home address.  NIJC recommends that the client provide an alternate, safe address (for example, a friend or family member's address). It is not recommended that the pro bono attorney use his/her firm’s address as the client’s address.  
Please note that USCIS will mail original documents (work permits and later, legal permanent resident cards) to the client’s listed address.  In addition, USCIS will use this address for any future correspondence to the client, possibly years after adjudication of the current application.  For these reasons, NIJC recommends that the client provide an alternate safe address as their address rather than using the pro bono attorney firm’s address.  The attorney will still receive the attorney copy of all notices in the case so long as he or she has filed a properly signed Form G-28, Notice of Appearance as Attorney.
If you have questions and are representing a VAWA or U Visa client, please contact Joe Gietl at or 312-660-1362.  For all other pro bono matters, including asylum and children's cases, please contact Michelle Bezner at or 312-660-1307.