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Today, USCIS published a revised version of the Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney.  Attorneys may begin using the revised form immediately. USCIS will not accept prior versions of the form after May 26, 2013.

NIJC would like to remind pro bono attorneys of the following points related to the G-28 form:

  • The G-28 form is used to enter appearances before USCIS, which includes the asylum office.  Form E-28, available at, should be used to enter an appearance before the immigration court.
  • Attorneys must file a G-28 form with every application they prepare on behalf of a client.  Filing a G-28 also ensures that the attorney will receive a copy of all correspondence sent to the client. 
  • A separate G-28 must be filed with each application or petition submitted to USCIS.  If an attorney filed a G-28 with an employment authorization application in 2012, that G-28 will not remain valid for a new employment authorization application filed in 2013.  The attorney must submit a new G-28 or USCIS will not recognize her as the attorney of record.
  • As indicated on the G-28 form, attorneys should not use their firm's address as the client's mailing address.

Additional information and a downloadable version of Form G-28 can be found at

NIJC pro bono attorneys with questions about the new G-28 form should contact Natalie Maust at (for VAWA and U Visa cases), Kelin Hall at (for DACA cases), or Michelle Bezner at (for asylum cases).