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The Chicago Immigration Court has provided the following updates:

  • All Master Calendar and Individual (merits) Hearings scheduled for May or June 2019 with Immigration Judges Fujimoto and GIambastiani will be reset to new dates, except for Judge Fujimoto's family unit docket, which has been taken over by Judge McKenna.
  • Court staff is working on reassigning the cases, contacting Respondents and attorneys, and sending out notices.  According to the Court, "We have been contacting attorneys by phone and we are currently in the process of mailing out Notices of Rescheduling for the affected cases, to be followed by new hearing notices that will be mailed to both parties. We make every attempt to notify attorneys in a timely manner, and we understand the importance of timely notification to all parties. If an attorney is unsure whether a specific case on one of the affected dockets has been rescheduled, they are encouraged to call the Court directly to verify the hearing details;
  • Cases assigned to Visiting Judge 2 will be rescheduled and new hearing notices will be sent out;
  • Effective May 28, 2019, the front reception windows at the Chicago Immigration Courts (detained and non-detained) will close from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.