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Dramatically escalating violence in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras has caused a humanitarian crisis of refugees fleeing to save their lives. Women, men, and children have been forced to flee their homes because violence has taken over their communities and schools. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would save many people from the risk of grave harm in Central America.

El Salvador is the murder capital of the world followed by Honduras (second highest) and Guatemala (fifth highest). More than 17,500 people died in homicides in 2015 in the Northern Triangle, a geographic region the size of the state of Oregon. Children risk death just to go to school, young girls are forced to become “girlfriends” of violent gang members and suffer sexual abuse, people who stand up to criminal organizations or resist them are murdered, and the police are unable to control and are sometimes complicit in the violence.

Congress established TPS 25 years ago to provide temporary immigration protection to women, men, and children fleeing catastrophic situations. More than 140 House Democrats, 22 Senate Democrats, presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, and 275 organizations have demanded President Obama grant TPS for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. You can join in the call for #TPSnow!

Tell @POTUS & @DHSgov to grant Temporary Protected Status for the Northern Triangle