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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the temporary restraining order entered by U.S. District Judge Robart, which prevents the Trump administration from applying its unlawful executive order banning entry to the United States of refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.  We are grateful to the many attorneys who have worked hard to see that justice is done, and congratulate the State of Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  This battle is not over; we anticipate that the administration will double down on its policy and will be unwilling to admit its error. But federal courts have overwhelmingly rejected the refugee and country ban, and we have confidence that at the end of the day it will not stand.

NIJC, which contributed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit case, will continue to defend the rights of refugees and immigrants in this country targeted by all of the president’s anti-immigrant executive orders. At this time, we encourage individuals from the seven targeted countries and noncitizens who do not have permanent immigration status in the United States to consult with immigration attorneys before traveling abroad.